For three days next week (31st May - 2nd June) the people of  Penrith and
Cockermouth will have an opportunity of seeing and hearing Mr.  Stanley BALDWIN.
One of the eleven cinema vans taking part in the great summer  campaign
launched by the National Publicity Bureau, will be on visit and will  give day-light
open air shows at a number of convenient points.

The film in which Mr. BALDWIN figures is one which was recently  specially
made for the tour and in his speech he draws a striking comparison  between the
state of affairs in our own and other countries. “Britain Today”  another of
the films to be shown depicts in telling manner, through the eyes of  a man
who has been absent from Britain for five years, the enormous industrial  
development which has proceeded under the National Government.

A series of most beautiful maritime shots is included in “Our  Heritage - The
Sea,” which tells the story of the steady improvement in the  shipping and
ship building industries. And with no political flavour at  all.

“Risky Livings” is at once an exciting and instructive exhibition  of the
unusual methods employed by some people to earn a living.

The projection and sound equipment of the van are of the most  modern in
character, and the design such that it is possible for hundreds of  people to see
the show with comfort. Accompanying the van, in addition to the  
driver-operator, is an experienced operator, is an experienced speaker who will  deliver a
short address.