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This week we welcome: -

John Skelton HARRINGTON (9), of Greengill Farm, Gilcrux,  Aspatria

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Dear Uncle Pen,

My holiday has been extremely exciting this Whitsuntide. The night  we broke
up I went to Carlisle to give a display of swimming and to go in for a  race.
The race was the first on the programme, and, not expecting to win, I won  my
heat. I was terribly excited, but did not think I had a ghost of a chance of  
winning the final. After a few more races had been swum, Bill PARKER, a
champion  diver, came up to me, and asked me if I would give a diving display with
himself  and Betty MAXWELL, another champion. Bill explained some dives I had
to perform.  He left me with, “You won’t let us down, will you baby?”
(Everyone at Carlisle  calls me Baby.”) Then I had to give my display of crawl, back
crawl and breast  stroke, before and after which I was terribly excited. Oh!
That diving display!  Bill and Betty did many fancy dives and then it was my
turn. I did a plain dive  from the top step of the diving board, and then we did
a triple dive, in which  we all dived over each other. I got the surprise of
my life when I won the  ladies handicap final and received a beautiful blue cut
glass set for my  dressing table. There was a tray, three cut glass fancy
boxes for powder, and  two vases. That night was the happiest night of my life.

The next day was Coronation. I got up early in the morning looking  very
patriotic in my red white and blue frock. As it was not a very nice day, I  helped
my father to work in the garden. At night we heard the King’s speech, and  
then went to Keswick to see the fireworks. I did not think the display was as  
nice as that of last year.

A few days I spent looking over the fence at the back of our house  watching
and making faces at the cows.

The Saturday before I came back to school, I found my best doll,  Shirley,
and dressed her in a beautiful dress of blue organdie, which really was  part of
 a set of clothes to fit a doll who was supposed to be a bride. My  doll has
real long, curly, golden brown hair and lovely soft features. Her  “skin” is
flesh colored. I then got another doll and dressed it as a gentleman,  
sticking a small cardboard panama hat on the side of his head. They were then  
supposed to be sweethearts, and Shirley sat on her gentleman’s knee in a corner.  
They were supposed to be the two people in the song “When a Lady meets a  
Gentleman down South!”

Your loving niece,
Margaret BACON (aged 9)
St. John’s Girls’  School, Workington.



Dear Uncle Pen,

This week you have chosen my favourite subject to  write to you about. I have
a few lines of news which I think will interest you.  The Coronation of King
George VI and Queen Elizabeth for which so many were  eagerly awaiting has
passed over now. It was not such a bright day as we all  expected and wished it
to be. Still the great ceremony was successfully carried  out. On Wednesday
morning we returned to school after enjoying a weeks holiday.  Such beautiful
weather we had! It is pleasing to have summer back again with us.  The hedges are
out in flower. Birds are busy building their nests. I have not  been to any
of the fairs. On Wednesday I would like to have gone to the fair at  
Workington. However, I thought it would be better to go to school as after we  had had a
week’s holiday for the Coronation I am now looking forward to a trip  we are
to have in June. It is going to Edinburgh. I hope we have a fine  day.

I remain your affectionate  nephew,

Dean School.



Dear Uncle Pen,

The lime trees on Walton green are now out in full leaf and when  the sun is
shining they cast a shadow over the top end of the green and it is  nice and
cool to play in the shade.

The gardens are now very beautiful  and there are many  different kinds of
flowers in them such as tulips, wall flowers, lilac,  forget-me-nots, and
lilies. The lupins are just coming out and now you can tell  what colour they are.
The chestnut trees are out in flower and look very  beautiful with their dark
green leaves and white spikes. The countryside is very  nice now as nearly all
the trees are in leaf.

Yours sincerely,

Walton School, Brampton.



Dear Uncle Pen,

It has not been very good weather these last few days. Spring is  nearly over
and the birds are sining sweetly up in the trees and young birds can  nearly
all fly. The tulips and the wild crocuses are all out. Yesterday I went  for
violets, cowslips, primroses and bluebells. When I got to Stonybeck I asked  
Mary GRAHAM to go with me to help pick them. When we were going Mary fell but  
she didn’t hurt herself.

Your loving niece,

Evelyn McVAY (age 11 years)
7 Derwent Row, Broughton  Cross