Mrs. GLENCROSS, vice president, presided at the May  meeting, and before taking business thanked Mrs. WILLIS and Miss. TURNER for beautifying the room with patriotic banners and  decorations.

Mrs. KEY, vice-president gave a demonstration on a  variety of sweet and savory dishes, which afterwards formed an excellent supper.  A vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. FENWICK, seconded by Mrs. GRAHAM. The  hostesses who served supper were Mrs. HAYSTON, Mrs. HODGSON and Mrs.  MIDDLETON.

The Lesson Hall members entertained with a “Model your  neighbour”
competition, which was won by Mrs. PATTINSON, which. Pea guessing was  won by Mrs. W. TURNER, and forehead handwriting by Mrs.  KEY.

The Cadbury’s chocolate cake competition was judged by  Mrs. LITTLE, Wigton, and Mrs. KEY, who awarded: 1. Mrs. STORY; 2. Miss. WOOD; ;  3. Mrs. PURDHAM.  Mrs. STORY also gained 1st prize for the monthly competition  for fruit loaf,  Mrs. GLENCROSS 2nd, and Miss. M. STEEL,  3rd.



Crofton Woman’s Institute held a very successful drive  and dance in Crofton Hall on Friday night. The prize winners were,  Ladies:-
1. Mrs. BROUGH, Wigton
2. Mrs. SCOTT, Shawwood
Consolation, Mrs. BELL

Gent’s: -
1. “Sandy”
2. Miss. JOHNSON (playing as a  gent)
Consolation, Mr. WARDLE.

Mr. SMITH, and Mrs. REID were M. C’s for the whist  drive. The Star Dance Band, under the direction of Mr. JACKSON, Wigton, played  for the dance, which was well patronized. Refreshments, ice cream and minerals  were served by the ladies of the committee.

Mr. JOHNSON and Mr. SMITH were M. C.’s for the dance  and Mr. SOWERBY and Mr. HUGHES were doorkeepers.


Mrs. BRAGG presided at the May meeting. There was a  good deal of business including a discussion on the agenda for the annual F. W.  I. meeting in London and arrangements for the birthday party in July. It was  agreed to invite the members of the Crofton W. I. to the October meeting. The  summer outing was fixed for June 9th, when Appleby and Barnard Castle will be  visited, returning through Teesdale and by Brampton.

The president introduced Miss. PIERCE, who gave a  useful and interesting talk on “Home Decoration.” On behalf of the members, Mrs.  MacLARTY and Mrs. CLARK thanked Miss. PIERCE for her lecture and helpful  hints.

A knitting competition was won by the following: 1.  Miss CLARK, 2. Miss. JEFFERSON. Co-operative supper was served by Mrs. HODGSON  and Miss. HARRISON.

The entertainment was given by the Wiggonby members.  Mrs. MacLARTY won the advertisement competition.


There was a good attendance at the monthly meeting,  which was presided over by Mrs. PEILE. Mrs. GRAHAM gave an excellent report of  the Spring Council meeting, to which she was delegate, and was heartily thanked  by the president.

The agenda for the annual meeting was discussed, and  the delegate instructed how to vote.

Blackpool was decided upon for the summer  outing.  A new member was enrolled and welcomed. Demonstrations were given  by two members, Miss. ADDISON and Mrs. SMITH. The former demonstrated ruched  silk cushions and the latter glitter-wax flowers. Mrs. ARMSTRONG proposed and  Mrs. TEMPLE seconded a vote of thanks.

The social half hour was arranged by Leegate members.  A balloon race was won by Mrs. MESSENGER. Hostesses for the supper were Mrs. PARK, Mrs. PEILE and Miss. GRAHAM.