RAVEN - At High Close Aspatria, 22nd inst., Bridget, widow of the late John Raven, and younger daughter of Mr Rothery, Great Clifton aged 66 years. To be interred at Plumbland today (Wednesday) at 3.30 pm - No cards.

STOTHART - At Crossbankhead, Ecclefechan, 20th inst, William Stothart aged 68 years.

STEELE - In affectionate remembrance of Margaret Elizabeth, the beloved wife of John Steele, formerly of Lindal-in - Furness and Arlecdon, who died in Johannesburg Hospital, South Africa, July 23rd aged 36 years.

WILSON -  AT Wyndham Terrace, Egremont 22nd inst., Hannah, the beloved wife of William Wilson, aged 42 years - to be interred at the cemetary, Egremont - today (Wednesday) at 3.30 -Friends please accept this intimation.

ROUTLEDGE - At "The Golden Lion" Harrington, 20th inst., Mr John Routledge, formerly of Belle Vue Cockermouth, born July 1838 died August 20th 1898. To be interred at Bridekirk today (Wednesday, leaving Harrington at 1.30 - Friends please accept this intimation.

WILKINSON - At Barron's Court Keswick, 17th inst, William, beloved husband of Sarah Wilkinson, aged 56 years. Was interred at Crosthwaite Church on Saturday, 20th inst., - Friends please accept this (the only) intimation.

WILLIAMS - In loving memory of Richard Williams, husband of ElizabethHannah Williams, who died August 24th 1898 aged 32 years.

In loving memory of Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of John and IsabellaWilkinson, of Harriston, Aspatria who died August 19th 1897 aged 17 years,
- "Gone but not forgotten."

WILSON - In loving memory of Edward, the dearly beloved husband of Jane Wilson, who died at No. 13, Charlotte Street, Carlisle 26th August 1896, aged 61
   If upright worth and virtue claim a tear,
   Its due to him - a loving husband dear,
   Graceful, affectionate, sincere and kind.
   His memory's dear to those left behind.

DIXON - In loving memory of our dear grandmother, Sarah Dixon, who died at
Keekle Terrace, 23rd August 1897 aged 75 years.
Past her suffering, past her pain
Our loss is her eternal gain;
O Lord Thy purpose we cannot see,
But all is well that's done by Thee.

CREGEEN - In loving remembrance of Martha Ann, the beloved daughter of Edmund and Eleanor Cregeen, who died at Hensingham, August 22nd, 1895, aged 23 years. - Was interred at the Hensingham Cemetery.
To memory ever dear
Gone from earth to Heaven
To reign for ever with the Lord
Beloved on earth, regretted gone,
Remembered in the grave.