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       Carlisle Cattle, Saturday. - There was a smaller supply of Irish beasts on the Sands to-day, but the quality was generally good. The continued dry weather has weakened the demand for stores, and there were fewer buyers present than usual. Prices for the ordinary lots were from £7 to £11  10s and the best made up to £16.

       Mr. STOREY, of Rockliffe ordered a number of home-bred and black polled heifers at prices from £6 to £9  10s; calving heifers up to £11  10s.



       Cattle supplies more than adequate, entries being 1,290. For the best qualities not much altered, but on the bulk of the supplies prices were against the sellers. Sheep and lambs numbered 11,760. The former were slow of sales and prices easier with the exception of prime weights. Lambs met a fair demand at 6s  4d  to 7s  6d. Calves met but little inquiry.



             The supply of stock is larger than last week. Cattle in slow demand without alteration in price. Sheep and lambs met a fair sale at late rates. Beef  5d to 6  3/4d; Scotch Mutton, 6d to 9d; Irish, 6d  to 8d; lamb  10d  to 11d  per lb. At market - 402 cattle and 9,218 sheep and lambs.