At the Millom Police Court on Saturday, Naomi FALLOWS summoned her husband George FALLOWS, slagger at the Millom Ironworks, for an assault alleged to be committed on the 31st inst., ult., and also applied for a judicial separation. Mr. J. R. BUTLER, solicitor appeared on behalf of the complainant.
From the evidence adduced it appears that the parties were married at the Broughton Registrar office at Martinmas, 1893, and afterwards they lived together at 6, Duddon Street. They had not been married six months when he began to ill treat her. On the first occasion he "brayed" her over the head, knocked her down, and kicked her. On Friday the 31st ult., she was in bed about 9-45 p.m. when the defendant came into the room and, without provocation, pulled her out of the bed by the neck and hair of the head. He struck her once over the head with his shoe, and afterwards struck her with his clenched hand on her head, side and breast. She screamed "murder" and ultimately got away from him, and went and informed the police. She stayed all night however, with her husband, but left him on Saturday afternoon, and had not returned because she was afraid of her life. He had threatened to take her life many a time, and on Friday night he said that he would finsih her. He had turned her out at one or two o'clock in the morning, and a month ago he had thrown an iron spittoon at her, but, bending down it missed her. He had kicked her several times with his shoes and clogs on, and had given her two black eyes, and also broken two side teeth by a blow with his hand. They had one child aged 1 year 9  months. Defendant was receiving 4s  4d  a day.

       By Mr. WEBSTER: When the assault was committed on the 31st ult. she had only asked the defendant why he had given his father power to strike her any time he liked.

       Robert ARMSTRONG, a young man, testified to hearing cries of murder proceeding from defendants bedroom, and afterwards seeing the complainant come out with her hair down her back, and marks on her face, and in a distressed state.

       Ann ATKINSON and Thomas MAWSON gave confirmatory evidence.

       Defendant stated that when he got into the bedroom the complainant first began to kick him, and said she would be glad if he went to the Millom Ironworks and she never saw him again. He could not stand that and he admitted throwing the spittoon &c.

       Fined 6s and costs, and a judicial seperation order granted with an allowance of 7s  6d  a week, the complainant to have the custody of the child.