The monthly meeting of this Board was held in  the Board School, Lamplugh, on Saturday afternoon. Present: Messers DICKINSON (chairman) TINNION, GILL and the Rev. S. G. CRAIG.

       Miss GRAHAM, assistant mistress in the infants school applied for an increase in salary. On the motion of Mr. CRAIG, seconded by the Chairman it was decided to grant an increase from £36  to £40.

       The average attendance for the last four weeks was as follows: - 88, 91, 100 and 91; the percentage for the same weeks was 89, 92, 82, and 78.

       It was decided to close the school for the midsummer holidays for one month on Monday, July 29th. The report from the Science and Art department on drawings was "good." Mary SEWELL and Mary HENLEY have received certificates for passes in free hand drawing. On the motion of Mr. CRAIG seconded by Mr. DICKINSON it was decided to hold the meetings in the furture at 2-30 p.m. instead
of 2 p.m.

       It was decided to extend Mary SEWELL's  engagement as a pupil teacher to Christmas and she will receive £1 extra at that date.

       It was arranged that the scholars should have a holiday on Friday next, the anniversary of the Lamplugh Club, and on Wednesday, June 19th for the Arlecdon gala.

       The board decided to hold a special meeting on Wedneday, July 3rd, to consider what should be done respecting the over crowded state of the school.