The fifth old bird's race  of the season was held on Saturday from
Millom, a distance of about 40  miles. The birds 18 in number were liberated by the station master at Millom and  arrived home in good time. A tight race was witnessed for first place, Jos.  BECK only winning from Wm. FELL by four yards, while third was about 10 yards  behind, and fourth close up.

The  first Jos. BECK's Defiance, won £1; 2nd, William FELL's Cloister, 12s; 3rd,  J. ATKINSON's Gladstone, 6s; 4th Atkinson SMITH's Acrobat,  2s.

The society decided to fly six  old birds races, three from the east
and three from the west, the places  selected being Wigton, Brampton and Hexham. W. CUNNINGHAM won the first two with  General Gordon, and R. EDWARDS the third withThoughtless Beauty. The fourth was  from Seascale, and was won by Wm. SHORT's Slow but Sure. The arrangements were  carried out satisfactorily by Mr. Wm. TELL, the secretary. Mr. Wm. GREEN acted  as judge.



On Saturday afternoon,  in favourable weather, a pigeon sweep, promoted by Mr. J. COWLER, took place  from the Hollins to High Hensingham, a distance of a mile.

The entries were twelve in number.  Result:

1st, Mr. H. HOSSOP's Mountain Boy

2nd, Mr. John REAY's  Good Boy

The owner of the third bird  received a cock and hen, and the second prize was a fat hen. Mr. COWLER was  timekeeper.



This club held their second  old bird race from Lancaster (50 miles) on Saturday.

1st,  M. QUINN's Chequer Lass

2nd, T. THOMPSON's W. Wilson

3rd, T.  GALLANTRY's White Wings

4th, D. Christain's  Ainsworth.



This flourishing society  held a couple of sweepstakes on Saturday
afternoon, one for young birds from  Moor Row, and one for old birds from Preston.
For the former there were 16  entries. The novices race resulted as follows:

1st, J. TYSON's Exertion  10s

2nd, J. KITCHIN's Red Rag, 6s.

3rd, W. THOMPSON's Lovely  Mary

4th, W. COID's Dark Rose

For the old birds race there were only six entries. The weather was
bad at  Preston when the birds were liberated, and no time was kept. The conditions were catch and show and the winner was found in J. KITCHIN's Off She Goes, 
which arrived 50 minutes before the next bird. A. BARWICK secured  2nd  and third prizes with Primrose and Sly Shot respectively. The 1st received  9s; 2nd 4s; 3rd 2s  6d.

The  Society added 5s to the shilling sweepstake in the novice race,
and 10s for  the old birds competition. Mr. T. HAYTON officiated as  timekeeper.

       The members of this Homing Society flew their third old birds' race on
Saturday, the course extending from Satfford, a distance of some 150 miles.
The birds were liberated at 12-30 by Mr. WOOLRICH. The first bird arrived at
ten minutes to five o'clock in the evening. Result:


2nd, I. BENN


       The timekeeper was Mr. W. GRAHAM and the caller Mr. John BIGRIGG.

       Some of the members of this society have had the misfortune to lose
several of their birds , one member losing as far as nine in the Crewe training race. The other week one of the birds arrived home in a very distressed state, having been shot. The bird was bleeding when it arrived home and it is surmised that it was not far from home when it was shot.



       This society flew their thrid old bird race on Saturday from Warrington, a distance of 101 miles. Twenty-eight birds were sent away on Friday evening, and when being fed at noon on Saturday by the liberator, Mr. DUMBELL, one of the birds acidentally got away. The remainder were liberated at 2-30, when the weather was clear. The usual interest in the sprinters  was manifest on the arrival. The first three birds all belonged to Joseph FLETCHER and their velocities were respectively 941'34, 941'34 and 939'77. John WRIGHT's bird was fourth with a velocity of 939'74. The race was exciting for third honours. Messers. J. BETHWAITE and A. SIMON acted as timekeepers.