Dear Sir, - Will you kindly correct the report that appeared in  your last Saturday's issue re the above Board.

The latter part of the report places the  teachers of the school in a very unpleasant position, and must have created an  erroneous impression in the immediate district. The report reads that after the  conductor had moved the vote of thanks Mr. MARTIN 'refused to put it.' I was  chairman of the meeting, and so I was in a position to see what happened  exactly.

    The facts were: The vote was moved by  Mr. BROWN, who called upon Mr. MARTIN to second it. Mr. MARTIN at first  expressed his disapproval of votes of thanks under any circumstances, and said "  if he had been consulted before the meeting he would have refused to second this  one," but as it had been moved, and he was asked to second it, he would do so.  Mr. BROWN then asked the superintendent of the school, Mr. HOPE, to put the vote  to the meeting.

    He also seems to have some aversion to  this kind of thing, and expressed himself in this way, but in the end put the  vote to the audience in the usual way, which was carried heartily.

    There was no absolute refusal on the  part of anyone to do what was requested of them, as your report seems to convey.  Then the report continues, 'this had a very dampening effect upon the singing,  and the conductor was visibly affected."

    On behalf of Mr. BROWN and all the  teachers I would like to say that no such circumstances happened. It is true  that certain things said were rather disconcerting, perhaps more so to the audience than anyone else, but as for this little episode having effect upon the  singing or upon the conductor, I did not observe any.

    Will you kindly insert this correction,  and by doing so you will in
justice to the teachers remove a wrong impression  frommany minds, as the anniversary services from beginning to end seem to have  been harmonious and enjoyable.

Yours respectfully,

Joseph NIXON.
8, Lawson Street, Aspatria.