Yesterday, Tuesday, night in an open air  meeting promoted by the United Kingdom Alliance to oppose Mr. BUTCHER's  Compensation Bill, was held on the North Quay, Maryport. The Rev Jas. McOWAN  presided over a large gathering.

    The Chairman said the new Licensing Act  had done little or no good at Maryport. Last Saturday night anyone who was  walking through the street must have been shocked at the number of men who were  under the influence of intoxication liquor. He would like to know where they got  their drink to excess for surely they did not get it in their own homes! It must  have been supplied in public houses, and because of that the publican was not  acting up to the spirit of the last act that was passed. He was far from blaming  the police; if they were backed up they would do their duty; but when the police brought a case before the Court what was the result? The ordinary man was  convicted on the evidence of the police, and why should the publican not be convicted on the same evidence? He contended it was not fair to the men who were  trying to do
their duty. If the magistrates would support the police more, the  would find a change in the town, and also in the condition of their  streets.

    The Rev. H. C. MANDER proposed the  following resolution: - " That this meeting of the inhabitants of Maryport  protests against any attempt being made, whether by means of a compensation scheme, as in Mr. BUTCHER's Bill, or by a suspensory bill such of that of Sir W.HARTDYKE's, to prevent magistrates from continuing to exercise their legal  powers of reducing the number of
public houses for the advantage of the  public."

    Mr. R. WATSON, agent for the U.K.A., seconded, and the resolution was carried.

    Mr. L. ADAIR proposed that the thanks of  the meeting be given to the Chairman, and that he be requested to send copies of  the first resolution to the Prime Minister, Sir Henry CAMPBELL BANNERMAN, and  the member for the
Cockermouth Division, and also he ask Mr. RANDLES to oppose  both Bills by voice and
Mr. J. ROSS seconded, and it was  carried.
The meeting then terminated.