The work of restoration has begun in  earnest. The services are being held in the National School, which has been also  licensed for marriages. Two have taken place this week. Mr. PAGETT has been licensed by the Bishop as a lay reader in this parish, and was admitted to that  office by the vicar on May
28th, his duties being to preach, conduct religious services in mission and schoolrooms at the direction and under the direction of  the vicar.

    The fine garden at the vicarge is open  to parishioners on Sundays, and the Vicar and Mrs. MILLARD hope whenever it is  fine to see a good many come of their own accord without further invitation at  any time during the afternoon
and evening. It is hoped that those who find  Brayton Park too far will take the opportunity now offered to them.

    Mr. PAGETT has formed the young men  attending his Bible class into an association, the object of which is thus  stated on the card of membership, "To band together all young men connected with  the Parish Church, and to assist
them in living a  goodly, righteous, and  sober life."