On Sunday evening a lad named Robert  CURRAN, of Back Row, Ginns, Whitehaven, had a narrow escape from drowning. He  was standing on some steps near the end of the West Pier when he over- balanced  and fell into the harbour. John
MULHOLLAND, junr., a boatman, who was on another  part of the Pier , about one hundred yards away, saw the lad fall and ran to the  steps. After removing his clogs, MULHOLLAND pluckily jumped into the water and  swam to the struggling lad, who had already sunk twice and was rapidly becoming  exhausted.

    By this time a number of persons had  collected and some men put out a boat. MULHOLLAND, however, did not need  assistance, and was soon ashore again with CURRAN, who, after some attention,  proceeded to his home.