Mr. Wm. McGOWAN, Chairman of the Whitehaven Magisterial Bench, attained his
87th birthday on Sunday.

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They were men who saw the paper through all conditions, sometimes of great
complexity, while, on the Board of Directors, William McGowan, father of the
present chairman of the Board of Directors, was a tower of strength. His
public activities were amazing. Forty years a Magistrate, 40 years a County
Councillor, 49 years a member of the Board of Guardians, 62 years a trustee
of the Savings Bank, 50 years a voluntary organist, 49 years a Director of
The Whitehaven News Ltd., and, in 1886, he succeeded his brother John, as
superintendent of the Congregational Sunday School.

Mr. McGowan b. November 18, 1841 d. June 8, 1931