Another example of how  mob-feeling can wreck  innocent lives is contained
the following occurrence of some forty or fifty  years ago when gossip
fastened its talons on a certain person, with dire and  painful

It appears that a stranger to the ditrict had been  drinking in the Three
Tuns Inn, Cleator, with a Cleator Moor baker who followed  the stranger out
the house. The stranger was not seen again and the public  concluded that
baker killed him for his money and disposed of the body in an  oven at his

Gradually the business was brought down from wealth to  poverty because of
the particularly vile rumours, and the baker subsequently  passed away after
being completely broken in spirit and outlook.

In the passing of time a skeleton of a man was found  down an old pit shaft
of the Jacktrees Mining Company, and, at the inquest, a  woman was able to
identify the remains as those of a relative by shreds of  clothing and
which had been in the pockets. The man, it was decided,  had fallen down the
shaft. He was the person generally supposed to have been the  victim of the