On Saturday afternoon a fatal accident occurred at a place called Shundra
within a short distance of Lowthwaite, in the parish of St Johns Keswick. At
an early hour in the morning a young man named William Routledge, son of Mr
Wiliam Routledge of Lowthwaite, and late of Berrier, Greystoke left home
with a horse and cart for Keswick market. He was returning at about
half-past two o,clock in the afternoon. Each side of the cart was laden with
plasterers laths and the young man was seated between the bundles at the
bottom of the cart. When close to Shundra one side of the bridle got hooked
to the crook upon the cart shaft and drew the horse to one side. By this
means the cart was drawn into the gutter and overturned, young Routledge
being below it and the horse was thrown completely on its back. A young man
named Joseph Tinkle was passing at the time and immediately rendered
assistance, but on righting the cart he found that the young man had been
killed. The injuries were on the right temple and the heart. The deceased
was only twenty years of age.