Siddick Miners’ Welfare Institute was well filled with  an appreciative
audience on Thursday night, when the second of a series of  monthly
entertainments took place.

Capt. CARR, who presided, was supported on the  platform by Mr. William
IVISON, hon. Secretary, and other  officials.

The programme was as follows: -

Opening selection, Brass  instruments.

Song, “Ramona,” Mr. John CUNNINGHAM,  Maryport.

Song, “Man-o-Mine,” Miss. BLAIR

Overture, “Bohemian Girl,” Miss LOWDEN,  Workington.

Song, “Terry,” Mr. Hy. SIMPSON,  Workington.

Song, “That’s My Weakness Now,” Miss.  LOWDEN.

Song, “When the Sergeant Major’s on parade,” Mr.  GRAHAM.

Humorous song, “In the wood shed,” Mr. J.  CUNNINGHAM.

Song, “The White Squall,” Mr. Hy.  SIMPSON.

Song, “Angus MacDonald,” Miss  BLAIR.

Song, “The gallant salamander,” Mr.  GRAHAM.

Song, “The trumpeter,” Mr. J.  CUNNINGHAM.

Pianoforte overture, “Poet and peasant,” Miss  LOWDEN.

Miss. MORTON and Miss. LOWDEN were the accompanists.  All  the performers
acquitted themselves admirably and there were frequent  encores.

Mr. Thos. BANKS, President of the institute and  Chairman of the County
Committee, moved a vote of thanks which was seconded by  Mr. Geo. PLUMMER,
secretary of the Sports and Recreation  Fund.

The performers were entertained to  supper.