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Monday was nomination Day for the by elections  occasioned at Workington by
the re-election of Messrs. G. A. L. SKERRY and J. M.  CUSACK as aldermen.

In St. John’s ward there will be a contest, for Mr.  Ambrose PALMER, J. P.,
master painter and secretary of the Chamber of Trade and  Commerce, and Mr.
George ARMSTRONG (Labour) a retired schoolmaster, have both  been nominated.
Mr. ARMSTRONG, it may be remembered has twice been an aspirant  for municipal
honors in this ward. He is a member of the Cockermouth Board of  Guardians.

The other vacant seat, in St. Michael’s ward, is  claimed for Labour by Mr.
John MURRAY, returned unopposed. Mr. MURRAY is a  railway clerk, and sat on
the Town Council for a year or two ago. He sought  re-election in November,
and was defeated by Mr. J.  MONKHOUSE.