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The Sergeant’s Mess of the Maryport R. A.  scored  a success with their
annual dance at the Freemason’s Hall, Maryport, on Friday  night, both
socially and financially, the Territorial Children’s Christmas Fund  being the richer by
a substantial amount as the result of the  event.

Nearly 200 attended, and danced to the music of the  Cockermouth Sylvians
Orchestra, who added to their popularity at Maryport in  spite of the fact
that this was the third night in succession they had been  playing. They were
relieved by the Carlisle Officers’ Band - Lieut. LIGHTFOOT at  the piano,
Lieut. BURTON on the ukelele, and Lieut. DOUGLAS as drummer - who,  when they
became weary of responding to encores caused much amusement by their  peremptory
commands to the dancers to, “sit down.”

Paper hats of military and other shapes, streamers,  balloons, and cotton
wool snowballs added to the gaiety of the evening. When the  snowballs were
distributed a Paul Jones dance resolved itself into a mock fight,  which
lasted as long as ammunition was available.

Among those present were: -

Col. BURNYEAT, Workington

The Mayor and Mayoress of  Workington

Lieut.-Col. And Mrs. D. J. MASON

Major W. T. HIGHET, Workington



Lieut. BURTON, Carlisle

Lieut. LIGHTFOOT, Carlisle



Capt. R. CLUCAS sent apologies for his  absence.

Sergt. FLEMING and Bomb. KIRKBY were the M. C.’s and  Sergt.- Major CURWEN,
Sergt. PICKERING and Mr. J. COCHRAN were at the  door.

Mesdames FREY, CURWEN, and PICKERING were responsible  for the lavish
decoration of the room. The committee in charge of the  arrangements were
Sergt.-Major CURWEN, Sergt. BEWLEY, Sergt. PICKERING, Sergt.  FLEMING and
Sergt. FREY.  Sergt. BEWLEY was secretary and he had the assistance of Sergt. FREY.