At the monthly meeting of the Arlecdon and Frizington  Urban District Council, on Friday night, the Chairman, Mr. Wm. WATSON, dealing  with rate arrears,
said everybody was aware of the distressing period they had  been passing through, with the consequent impoverishment of the exchequer of  some of
their ratepayers. They deeply appreciated the effort to put forward to discharge their obligations by most of the people. But there were one or two  cases which
ought to be alluded to, regarding people who found it difficult to  pay their rates in a lump sum.
The Council officials were prepared to accept  small installments, and there was scarcely anything too small for the Council to  receive. There was another class of ratepayer too.

They had in their district a very small number of  ratepayers who were quite able to pay their rates, but for some peculiar reason  did not pay them. He could not understand the mentality of those people who  habitually waited for a summons before they paid, and there seemed neither sense  nor justification
for action of that sort. They had to pay the cost of the  summons, and the Council were also put to additional expense. The expense on  both sides could very
easily and reasonably be avoided.

Mr. P. CRAWFORD supported.

There were present at the meeting Messrs. Wm. WATSON,  in the chair, P. CRAWFORD, Walter WATSON, T. E. ELDING, W. JAMES and T. L.  LAIDLOW, with the clerk Mr. J. R. HENLEY.

Reference to the reservoir at Arlecdon, where Sarah  CORLETT was found murdered, appears in another column.