GILL. - At Arlecdon Farm, on the 17th November, 1928,  Robert, dearly
husband of Mary PONSONBY-GILL. To be interred at Arlecdon  Church to-day
(Wednesday), November 21st, at 2 p.m.


LUCAS. - At 20 Skinner Street, Cockermouth, on November 18th,  Elizabeth,
beloved wife of Joseph LUCAS, late of Flimby, aged 64 years. To  be interred
at Cockermouth Cemetery on Thursday, 22 Nov. 1928, leaving residence  at

What is home without a mother,
Where are the  joys we meet,
When her loving smile no longer
Greets the coming of our  feet.


BROATCH. - On the 17th Nov. 1928 at Highcote, Workington, Leonard,  the
eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. BROATCH, aged 57 years. Was interred at
Carlisle Cemetery, on Tuesday, the 20th. No flowers.


BOWMAN. - At Carlisle, on the 17th Nov. 1928, Mary Jane, aged 79  years, the
beloved wifr of Henry BOWMAN, 4 Argyle Terrace,  Workington.

Friends, please meet cortege at 11 a.m. to-day (Wednesday), for  interment
Harrington Road Cemetery. This is the only intimation. No  Flowers.


HETHERINGTON. -At 7 Mayo Street, Cockermouth on the 18th November,  1928,
Thomas (Tom) HETHERINGTON, the beloved husband of Pattie HETHERINGTON,  aged
years, late of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. To be interred at Cockermouth
Cemetery, to-day, (Wednesday) 21st November, leaving residence at -- p.m. .
Friends please accept this intimation.

“Safe Home at Last.”




FOSTER. - In ever loving memory of Tom, beloved husband of Hannah  FOSTER,
who died at Station Hotel, Aspatria, November 23, 1927.

“Though death divides, fond memories  cling.”

Ever remembered by his wife and family.


STEELE. -  In loving memory of Lilian May, who died November  20 192? Aged
½ years, and Florence Mary who died December 26th, 1914. Dearly  loved
daughters of Walker and Mary Agnes STEELE, Great Clifton.

Also of their grandfather, Henry FEENEY.

Fondly remembered by all.

“R. I. P.”