Hill Farm Croft was in a rain soaked condition on  Saturday, when this match
was played before a handful of spectators. The home  team were weakly
represented, and had a hopeless task from the beginning.  Dearham, in the
first half, despite the disadvantage of a strong cross wind,  were repeatedly successful
controlling the scrimmages, and their backs missed  few opportunities. At
the interval Dearham crossed over with a lead of two  improved tries.

The home team made a determined rally in the second  period, and after Jos.
IRVING, the full back, had gained ground, Jos. PATTERSON  led a forward rush
to the Dearham line, where sound tackling saved the  situation. The Wanderers,
reversing the play, held the home team in their own  territory, three tries,
one of which was converted, being registered in quick  succession. Result: -

Dearham Wanderers …. 3g.    5t.
(21 pts.)
Seaton ……………………...Nil

Referee, Mr. Jos. FENWICK, Great  Broughton.



On Saturday, in wild and stormy weather. These teams met on the  Clifton
ground a good game resulting. MILLER, who scored the first try for the  home
team, was undoubtedly the pick of his side, and CALLION, who scored the  second
try, played a good game. Result: -

Great Clifton ……….2t (6 pts.)

Hensingham …………Nil.

Mr. ACKERLAY was referee.




The storm and wind and rain which commenced with this game on  Soddy Gap
Park, Great Broughton, on Saturday, became a hurricane later and  spoilt
what otherwise should have been the game of the season.

Broughton, in the first half, with the wind at thair backs, had  most of the
play, and scored three goals, in the first ten minutes. Against  Keswick’s
bare attacks BYERS, BELL and LITTLE defended well. Towards the end of  the
first half Broughton tested MATTINSON over and over again without effect,  but
later he had to give way to a superior force.

The scorers for Broughton were Charlie THOMPSON (2), L. CAVANAGH  and John


Played at Barton Laws, Wigton, on Saturday, on a soft  pitch. The Juniors
commenced in convincing fashion, and after five minutes play  Robert WILSON
opened the scoring from short range. Close on the interval Moffat  WILSON
added another.

On resuming the Juniors continued to monopolise play  and Jos. HILL
increased the lead. Moffat WILSON again scored. Carr’s strove hard  to score but met a
stubborn defence. Close on time Jos. HILL again netted, and a  one-sided
game ended: -

Wigton Juniors ……Five goals.

Carr’s Athletic Res. ….Nil.

Referee, Mr. P. WOOD, Carlisle.



For variety no contest equaled that between C.S.M.  McQUIGGAN and J.
CHAMBERS, Cockermouth. The latter, the senior by ten years, was  called upon
only the same day to take the place of Peel BELL, the Carlisle man,  who McQUIGGAN
beat in March for the Championship of Cumberland, and although he  was not in the
best of trim he fought a losing game with gameness that would  have done a
much younger expert credit. Twice in the ten rounds he went down for  the
count of nine, both times with severe punches to the jaw, to rise again, and
when, in giving his verdict in McQUIGGAN’s favour, the referee announced that he
advised CHAMBERS to give it up in the ninth round there was a tumult of
cheers and hand-clapping for a plucky “has been.”

The announcer described CHAMBERS as “an old man, but a  very game one,” and
the compliment was well deserved. CHAMBERS took a lot of  punishment from an
ooponent who had been training hard to meet a younger and  apparently more
worthy challenger.


Also spirited but not quite so varied was the meeting of  Anthony STAGG,
Workington and Sergt. Instructor NASH, Cockermouth, which also  went the
full ten rounds.

It was NASH who started the hard hitting, in the opening round, but  in the
subsequent two or three rounds he played the waiting game and was not  very
successful in warding off STAGG’s hefty right.

In the fifth round the referee had occasion to again warn them to  break
clean. The warning was heeded and a contest satisfying, without being  quite
up to the standard expected from two well equipped and experienced  exponents,
ended as stated - in a draw. The verdict was no unanimously approved


The shortest contest of the evening was that between G. JENKINSON  and J.
WILSON, both Workington novices.

It lasted only 12 seconds and caused great amusement. The pair had  no
sooner shaken hands than JENKINSON went at his man and rained blows upon him  right and left. WILSON staggered against the ropes and then went down to be
counted out.

Misfortune overtook SCHLUFTERER, Workington, in the second round of  a
six-rounds contest with Darby, Maryport, after he had had DARBY down twice
for  the count of nine. SCHLUFTERER injured his thumb and retired.

In the audience was Alex. WADE, fly weight champion of Lancashire.  He
expressed his readiness to meet any man in England of similar  weight.