[To the Editor, “West Cumberland  Times”]

Sir, - May I through the generosity of your press, thank the  people of
Maryport and district, for the support they have given to our Poppy  Day
Fund. The
total amount received to date is as follows: - From schools,  places of
worship and street sales, £54 4s. Total expenditure 6s.

I wish to thank lady sellers for the way they respond to our  appeal. They,
as usual, did not shirk their duty, for they rallied to the cause  in the
pouring rain, and the public appreciated it by giving as generously as  they
considering the state of depression in our town and  district.

I also wish to thank the schools for their help, the places of  worship, who
gladly gave us collections on Remembrance Day, the depot  superintendents
worked hard for the cause, Mr. HALEY for publicity of poppy  slides, and
lastly to the Press for the help they have given us.

A balance sheet will be forwarded to the Chief Constable as soon as
completed and a copy of same will be posted in the rooms of the Maryport
Legion for the public’s perusal. - Yours, etc.