The Blencarthra Hounds will meet Tuesday, October 21st, at  Braithwaite, and
district remainder fo the week.


Mr. BURT, M.P., for Morpeth and Mrs. BURT arrived in Keswick on  Tuesday, and
departed on Wednesday for Preston, via Ambleside.



A collision between a cart belonging to Mr. Henry BOWES and a  Whitechapel in
which Miss. SPENCER-BELL of Fawe Park, and a coachman, occurred  near Town
Hall, on Thursday morning. The Whitechapel was overturned; but Miss.  
SPENCER-BELL jumped from it and alighted in safety on her feet; but the coachman  was
not so fortunate, being thrown out and somewhat shaken.



The present week has not been so prolific in sport as the  preceding one,
though a number of fisherman have daily lined the banks of the  Derwent, Greta,
and the St. John’s rivers.

 The fall of snow on Friday and the bitterly cold weather of Saturday,  
Sunday and Monday, have been followed by rain, more or less daily, and a warmer  
atmosphere. The waters have been in fair condition; but a good flood and heavy  
water for some time to come is required to allow the salmon to run freely
before  much improvement in the takes will be noted. The fly and the worm have
been the  lures used, and a large number of rodsters have been successful.




At a meeting for the committee promoting the extension railway to  Ambleside,
Sir James RAMSDEN, managing director of the Furness Railway,  intimated his
desire to receive deputation of the committee, and it was decided  that a date
should be fixed to suit Sir James and Mr. DONALDSON, civil  engineer.

 The Furness line would take the west side of Lake Windermere by way  of
Hawkshead. Letters were received from the Midland and London and Northwestern  ra
ilway officials promising to lay the scheme before the next meeting of the