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GOOD GENERAL SERVANT Wanted at Martinmas.

-Apply to Mrs. V. SWINDLE, Main  Street, Keswick.

GOOD GENERAL SERVANT Wanted at the term; age under 20.

-Mrs. ARMSTRONG, Dovenby,  Cockermouth.


GENERAL SERVANT Wanted, immediately; age 20 to 30; good wages;  character
from last situation; boy kept.

- Apply L. SCENTANCE, Pow House.  Portinscale, Keswick.


GIRL - Wanted at once, for Lancashire, a good servant, who can do plain  
cooking; age about 20; good character indispensable.

- Apply to Miss. YEATES, Clarendon  House, near Workington.


GIRL Wanted, at the Term.

- Apply to E. KIRKHAUGH,  Aspatria.


GOOD GENERAL SERVANT Wanted at the Term; one able to cook.

- Apply to Dr. PEARSON, Fleming  Square, Maryport.


GOOD Plain Cook Wanted, for a small family; washing; must have good  

- Apply to Mrs. KNOWLES, Curwen  Street, Workington.


GOOD GENERAL SERVANT Wanted, early in November; must understand plain  
cooking and be able to bake and wash.

- Apply, Mrs. SIMPSON, 71 Main Street,  Cockermouth.


GENERAL SERVANT Wanted; able to do plain cooking, washing and  Ironing.

- Apply to Mrs. JACKSON, The Fitz,  Keswick.


HUSBANDMAN. - Wanted, at the Term, a married Husbandman; wife to work  out
when required; cottage and garden provided.

- Apply to Joseph BARNES, Wolsty  Close, Silloth.
WANTED, a Young Man who thoroughly understands BACON CURING  and the
Provision Trade.

- Apply, with reference Box 10, Office of this paper,  Cockermouth.


WANTED, at Term, KITCHENMAID, who can do plain cooking and Dairy  Work.

- Apply to Mrs. PAISLEY, Overend House, Greysouthen.


WANTED, immediately, Three Good STONE WALLERS.

- Apply Thos. PATTINSON, Builder, Abbey Town.


WAITRESS. - Wanted at once, a First-Class Commercial Room  Waitress.

- Apply Joseph SKELTON, King’s Arms Hotel, Wigton.


WORKING HOUSEKEEPER Wanted, at the term, for a Farm House.

-Apply by letter, to “J. B.” West Cumberland Times Office,  Cockermouth.


WANTED, about 40 HOGGS to Winter.

- Apply to William CASSON, Howside, Ennerdale.


WANTED, at the Term, a Working Housekeeper for a Farm house; middle  aged

- Apply to M. and L. HODGSON, Seascale.


WANTED at Term, Experienced COOK; also GIRL, to undertake duties of  Nurse
and Sewing Maid.

- Apply Globe Hotel, Cockermouth.


WANTED, GOOD DAIRYMAID, able to do plain cooking; also experienced COOKS  and
GENERAL SERVANTS. Wanted, a SITUATION as BULTER; can be well  recommended.

- Apply to Mrs ARMSTRONG, 31, Market Place, Cockermouth.

HUSBANDMAN. - Wanted, at the Term, a married man, accustomed to all  kinds of
farm work. Cottage provided.

- Apply to Thomas BIRBECK, Bassenthwaite.


HUSBANDMAN Wanted; a good fencer and spadesman; Cottage provided.

- Apply Mr. WATSON, Westward Parks.


JOINER Wanted, immediately.

- Apply to S. GRISDALE, Hayton.


NURSE GIRL Wanted; age 14 or 15; one accustomed to children.

- Apply to Mr. Wilson MOORE. West Cumberland Times Office,  Wigton.


JOINERS. - Wanted, One or two Journeymen Joiners.

- Apply, John KELLEY, Joiner, Cleator Moor.


MILLWORKERS. Wanted Spinners, Doffers, Spoolers, Ballers and Knotters.  Only
capable, steady hands, or those willing to learn need apply.

- Apply to J. HARRIS and Sopns, Cockermouth.


MAN, Wanted, at once, a middle aged Single Man, perfectly steady and  
trustworthy, who understands horses and conveyances.

- Apply to the Greyhound Hotel, Shap, Westmorland.


MAN Wanted to work on the Bridekirk Roads.

- Apply to John PATTINSON.


NURSE Wanted. - about the 11th of November; not under 20; references  

- Apply West Cumberland Times Office, Workington.


PLOUGHMAN (Married) Wanted; Cottage provided.

- Apply to Mr. TWENTYMAN, Blennerhasset Farm,  Aspatria.


SERVANT. - Wanted, at the Term, an experienced General Servant, not  under
25; one able to assist with cooking and washing preferred.

- Apply to Mrs. NICHOLSON, Flimby Cottage, near Maryport.

AGENT. - Wanted, a   thoroughly reliable and pushing Agent for Maryport and
district, to sell first  class Aerated Waters; One with cart to deliver goods

-Address, Box “A,” West Cumberland Times Office.


BEE’S WAX, ENGLISH. _ Good price given for Genuine English  Bees’ Wax.

-By Norman SWINDLE, Chemist,  Keswick.


BLACKSMITH, - Wanted, a good Country Blacksmith; must be a  good horse shoer.

_Apply to Thomas LONGCAKE, Kirkby  Street, Maryport.


COOK. - Wanted at the term, a good plain cook, One  willing to do washing
during winter months.

-Apply, Mrs. GILLESPIE, Skiddaw  Temperance Hotel, Keswick.


CLOGGER. - Wanted, a Seatsman; constant work for a steady  man.

-Apply John LEWIS, Maryport.


Wives to work out;  cottages and gardens provided.

-Apply to Wm. WOOD, Dundraw Farm,  Wigton.


COWMAN, Wanted, at Martinmas, a Cowman with a son as  second Ploughman,
cottage provided.

-Apply, W. JACKSON, Southerfield,  Abbey Town.


CLEAN, Active Girl, as General Servant Wanted at Term.  Also a young girl as
a Nurse.

- Apply to Mrs. MASON, Main Street,  Cockermouth.