JAMESON - BOWE -At the Parish Church, Thornthwaite,  13th Oct. 1884, by the
Rev. H. LONSDALE, vicar, J. J. W. JAMESON, ironmonger,  Hexham, to Ruth,
youngest daughter of the late Mr. Isaac BOWE, Scot Gate,  Braithwaite.


PLATTS - PALETHBRAE - At the Register Office,  Cockermouth, 6th Oct. 1884,
Mr. Luke Allton PLATTS, labourer, to Miss. Ann  PALETHBRAE, both of Workington.


ROBINSON - DOCKRAY. - At the Register Office,  Cockermouth, 4th Oct. 1884,
Mr. Thomas ROBINSON, husbandman, to Miss. Sarah Ann  DOCKRAY, both of Low
Leathes, Gilcrux.


OWENS - TYSON. - At the Register Office, Cockermouth,  9th Oct. 1884 Mr. John
OWENS, coalminer, Seaton, to Miss. Mary Ann Vickery  TYSON, King Street,


HANNABURY - THOMPSON. - At the Register Office,  Cockermouth, 11th Oct. 1884,
Mr. David HANNABURY, coalminer, Prospect, Aspatria,  to Miss. Ann THOMPSON,


TYSON - WALKER. - At the Register Office, Cockermouth,  14th Oct. 1884, Mr.
James TYSON, ironworker, Senhouse Street, Workington, to  Miss. Hannah WALKER,


BURNEY - BENSON. - At the Wesleyan Methodist Church,  Whitehaven, 11th Oct.
1884, Mr. John BURNEY, boilermaker, to Miss. Agnes BENSON,  both of Whitehaven
Considerable interest was manifested, on Thursday morning, in the  marriage
of Mr. W. Wilson NELSON, of the firm of NELSON and Sons, shipowners and  
brokers, Workington and Whitehaven, with Miss. H. J. RENNIE, of Nook Street.  Miss.
RENNIE is the daughter of the Rev. James RENNIE, formerly, for a long  period
of years, the respected pastor of the Congregational Church at  Workington.

 Miss. RENNIE took a lively interest in the Sunday School and choir,  and was
widely and deservedly respected, so that the announcement of her  marriage
was an event that a large number of friends felt an interest in.

 The ceremony was gone through at the Presbyterian Church, which was  crowded
by the friends of the happy couple. The bride’s father, the Rev. James  
RENNIE, M. A., assisted by the Rev. Hugh RODGER, the minister of the church,  
performed the ceremony.

 The bridesmaids were Miss. NEWTON of Tideswell, and Miss. NELSON; the  
groomsmen being Mr. Geo NELSON and Mr. Wm. BOWMAN.

 The couple took leave of their friends to depart for London, followed  by
the hearty, good wishes of all. A very large number of beautiful and costly  
presents were sent in by relatives and friends, including a massive solid silver  
cake basket, with an accompanying inscription, “Presented to Miss. H. J.
RENNIE  on the occasion of her marriage by a number of teachers, scholars, and  
supporters of the Congregational Sunday School, Workington, as a token of their  
affection after many years of service.”
  At St. Nicholas' Church,  Whitehaven on the 22 Oct. 1884. by the rev. C.
B. S. GILLINGS, B. B., the vicar,  assisted by the Rev. Canon DALTON B. D.,
vicar of the Holy Trinity, and the Rev  J. T. POLLOCK, B. A., vicar of Brigham,
Charles Liddell WAUGH of Ffalda House,  Bridgend, younger son of Edward WAUGH,
M. P., of The Burroughs, Papcastle to Ada  Mary, only daughter of T. F.
I'ANSON, M. D., of Whitehaven.


    At St. Peter's Church, Harton  South Shields, 22 Oct. 1884. by the Rev.
A. A. PHILLPOTTS, vicar, Thomas  MUSGRAVE, of Bleamire House, Greysouthen,
Cumberland, to Mary Jane, eldest  daughter of Henry PEACOCK, of Brinkburn House,
South Shields,  Durham.


At the Primitive Methodist Chapel, John Street, By the  Rev. E. HAWKINS, 19
Oct. 1884. Thos. WATSON, Church Street, to Susan HAWKE,  Islay Place,
Harrington Road.


At the Wesleyan Chapel, Keswick, 14 Oct. 1884. by  license, by the Rev. G.
ARROWSMITH, Mr. Isaac POOLE, 1, South Viewe Villas,  Kendal to Miss. Nancy
BLACKBURN, of Challoner Street,  Cockermouth.


At St. Nicholas Church Whitehaven, 20 Oct. 1884.. Henry,  the eldest son of
the late Mr. Josepg BRIGGS, George Street, Whitehaven, to  Sarah, second
daughter of Mr. William DICKINSON, 10, Church Street,  Whitehaven.


At St. Margaret's Church, Wythop, 21st Oct. 1884. by the  Rev. Canon HOSKINS,
Mr. Henry MAYSON, Lake Road, Keswick, to Bessie, youngest  daughter of Mr.
John SANDERSON, Routenbeck, near Cockermouth.


At the Parish Church of St. Michael, Workington, 18 Oct.  1884. by the Rev.
J. ANDERSON, Mr. Henry JARDINE, of Workington, to Jane (Janie)  only surviving
daughter of the late Mr. Thomas CHEESBROUGH, Little Salkeld.  Penrith.