The fortnightly meeting of this Authority was held in  the union Hall,
Whitehaven, on Thursday afternoon. Mr. J. G. DEES occupied the  chair, and there
were also present:-





Mr. W. H. ATKINSON, clerk

Dr. FISHER, medical officer

Mr. G. J. CLARK, surveyor and sanitary inspector.

The Medical Officer, Dr. FISHER reported that an epidemic of  typhoid fever
had broken out at Moresby Parks, eighteen cases have occurred in  eleven
families to the knowledge of the officer, one of which had proved fatal.  He had
made a careful examination into the circumstances of the outbreak. The  earliest
case appeared to have occurred about eight weeks ago. Whatever the  origin of
the first case the spread of the disease had in a great measure owing  to the
fact that no attempt at disinfection had been made until quite recently,  the
typhoid evacuations being simply thrown in the ash pits in the yards within  a
very short distance of the houses, chloride of lime having only been used for
 the last few days. The water supply was very defective.

 The chairman said he presumed measures for disinfection had been  taken. The
Medical Officer said that was so. The Chairman said that the only  matter was
the water supply, which was a difficult question. Some time ago the  
authority had approached the Whitehaven Trustees and asked them to supply these  
cottages with water from their high level service, but the terms suggested were  so
high that the Authority did not think they would be justified in accepting  
them. He understood that it was the intention of the Moresby Coal Company to
lay  a main from their pits, where they had good water, to Moresby Parks, and he
 would propose that the clerk write to the company drawing their attention to
the  defective  water supply, and ask them how soon they intend to supply a  
better supply. The motion was agreed to.

 The Medical Officer reported that the death rate for the quarter  ending the
10th Sept. was 15’72 per thousand.

 The Clerk stated that precepts would be signed at the next meeting  for the
general expenses at the rate of 2 ½ d in the pound.