Wednesday. - Before H. FLETCHER, Esq., (in the chair), T. S.  DOUGLAS, Esq.,
and T. H. DALZELL, Esq.


Two boys, named John DEWAN (14) and Thos. IRVING (16), were  brought up on
remand on a charge of stealing a seal-skin cap from the shop of  Mr. Joseph
BIRD, Station Road, Workington. -

 Mrs. Eliza BIRD, wife of the prosecutor, deposed that on the night of  
Tuesday, last week, she saw the prisoner, DEWAN in the shop. He asked for a set  of
studs. Witness also saw the other prisoner, who was waiting outside. Witness  
told DEWAN, in reply to his question, that he could obtain the studs at the
shop  next door. The prisoner then went out. About five minutes afterwards she
was  talking to a friend further down the street, when she saw DEWAN enter her
shop.  The prisoners were then together. Witness proceeded to enter the shop,
but DEWAN  came out before she could arrive there. DEWAN joined IRVING, and
the prisoners  went away together towards Hag Hill.  Witness on entering the
shop, missed  the seal-skin cap produced from the counter. The value of the
article was about  3s  6d.

 Sarah Elizabeth CORRY, servant in the employ of Mr. BIRD, deposed  that on
the night in question she was about her master’s premises. The time was  
between eight and nine o’clock. She was watching the shop and saw DEWAN enter.  
Witness then went into the shop. The prisoner asked to be served with a silk  
handkerchief. He, however went out without purchasing one

 William DARBY, general dealer, residing at Pow Street, deposed that a  lad
entered his shop, and, producing a seal-skin cap, asked him to purchase it.  He
could not identify either of the prisoners as being the lad. The boy who  
accosted him said that the cap belonged to his brother. He wanted sixpence for  
the article, which he gave him. Subsequently, he gave the cap to a policeman.
He  merely bought the cap out of charity, as the boy stated he was hard up.

P. C. 196 deposed that on the 9th inst. He apprehended IRVING. He  charged
him with the offence, when the prisoner replied, “I was along with John  DEWAN
when he went into the shop and returned with a seal-skin cap in his  
possession, which he gave to me, and I put it below my jacket. We both went away  
together to his lodgings. I was with DEWAN at the door of the shop when he sold  the
cap the next day to Mr. DARBY for 6d.” Witness saw the other prisoner on the  
9th , but he eluded him. Witness next saw DEWAN in custody at Cleator Moor,
on  Saturday, when he brought him to the Workington Police Station. He then
charged  DEWAN, who, in reply, said, “James IRVING sent me in to steal the cap. I
brought  it out and gave it to him. I sold it on the following day. IRVING
was with me  when I did so, and received half the money which I obtained.”
Witness got the  cap produced by Mr. DARBY on the 9th inst.

 In reply to questions put by the Bench, it transpired that DEWAN  belonged
to Cleator Moor, and IRVING lived with his parents in Senhouse Street  and was
employed as a labourer at the Oldside Works.

 Both prisoners pleaded guilty to the charge, and were each sentenced  to one
month’s imprisonment, with hard labour.