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The Central News learns that the Government have received a  telegram from
Lord WOLSELEY stating that Sir Charles WILSON informs him by  telegram that,
according to the latest information there is no proof that  Colonel STEWART was
on board the wrecked steamer.

 Wady Halfa Thursday, - A storm last night washed away the railway and  
injured the telegraphs.

 Sir Charles WILSON wires that he cannot find corrboration that  Colonel
STEWART was in the wrecked dahabieyeh.

Wady Halfa, Wednesday night. - Trains are again working  regularly. The
special boats are to be carried by load around the great  cataract.

 The natives persist that all the steamers returned to Khartoum after  
bombarding Berber, and only a native craft descended the river. Colonel  STEWART’s
safety is thus believed assured.

 Sir Charles WILSON has reached Debbah.

Cairo, Friday, - The Sub-Mudir of Dongola telegraphs that a  special
messenger sent to the scene of the recent massacre on the Nile has  returned to
Dongola and confirms the previous account. The messenger adds that  there are no
white men among the prisoners.

 Cairo, Friday. - Nubar PASHA presided over Ministerial Council to-day  which
decided to postpone the Caisse Trial as long as possible.

Alexandria, Friday, - The hired transport Shelley has arrived  here with the
Kroomen engaged for service with the Nile expedition.

The hired transport Teelin Head, left Woolwich yesterday for  Egypt, with
stores for the army of occupation and the Khartoum expedition. Two  other ships
will load for Egypt next week, viz., the Union Steamer Anglian and  the
Dunluce. The Teelin Head, in addition to filled shells and cartridges, will  take out
a consignment of mineral oil and matches, on the assurance of experts  that
it can be done with safety.