The first meeting of the sixth session of the above was held in  the Board
School Room, Silloth, on Wednesday evening, when a lecture on “Meteors  and
comets” was given by Mr. R. J. BAILLIE, F.R.A.S., of Carlisle.

 The Rev. S. HERBERT presided, in the absence of the president Dr.  LEITCH,
and there was a very satisfactory attendance. A large number of  appropriate
diagrams were used to illustrate the lecture, which was very  enjoyable and



The  Mary and the J. and J. RICHARDSON have arrived from  Glasgow with
cargoes of phosphate for Mr. CRABB’s Chemical Works, and the C. E.  Spooner has
arrived from Hamburg with a cargo of kainite for Messrs J. and W.  MAXWELL and
Sons, of the Solway Chemical Works.

 The Mary Alice brought a cargo of Barley from Carsethorn on Tuesday  which
was all dispatched by rail. The Harriet and Eliza, Happy-Go-Lucky, Stanley  and
Elizabeth have arrived for coal and the ss Strathaven has sailed for Dublin,  
and the Virginie for Belfast with cargoes of coal.

 The Mary Waters, the London trader, which brought in a cargo of  manure from
London has sailed for Annan, light, and the Elinor, which brought in  a cargo
of slates from Bangor, has left for Widnes with 86 tons of red ash from  Mr.
CRABB’s Chemical Works.

 By the last two trips of the Dublin steamer, the Caledonian, about  464
cattle and six horses have been landed here. There have been no foreign  sailings
during the week; but on the whole the shipping trade has been very  brisk.