We announce to-day the death of Mr. Henry Cowper MARSHALL, of  Derwent
Island, Keswick, and Weetwood Hall, Leeds. The deceased who had been in  declining
health for some time died at Derwent Island, on Tuesday, aged  76.

 He was the fourth son of the late Mr. John MARSHALL, and founder of  the
eminent firm of MARSHALL and Company, flax spinners, Holbeck, and at the  time of
his death was the senior member of the firm. He married a daughter of  Lord
MONTEAGLE, by whom he leaves four sons and a daughter. He inherited the  
political principles and public spirit of his father, and in early life took an  
active part in local affaires. In the great political movements by which the  
country was convulsed more than forty years ago active and intelligent service  
was rendered to the popular cause by Mr. Henry COWPER MARSHALL., in conjunction
 with other members of the family. In recognition of these services he was  
elected Mayor of the borough of Leeds in 1842-3, and discharged the duties of  
the office with signal ability and judgment. He gave his active cooperation in
 promoting the success of Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society and the  
Mechanic’s Institute. He was appointed one of the trustees of the Leed’s
Parish  Church, and in 1854 was elected president of the Leeds Chamber of Commerce,
in  the welfare of which he took a deep interest for many years. He was on
the  Commission of the Peace both for the Riding and the borough.

Of a naturally retiring disposition, he in later middle life  gradually
withdrew from all participation in public affairs, and for some years  past his
name has lost its familiarity, and has been little more than a memory  outside
the circle of his private friends. He had a great business ability,  combined
with a strong and vigorous intellect. He was the owner of Derwent  Island, where
he died, and of St. Herbert’s Island, on Derwentwater, and of an  estate in
Borrowdale. He has left behind him the recollection of a well spent,  though of
late years retired, life, and his memory will be lovingly cherished by  his
family, and kindly recalled by a wide circle of friends.

 The remains of the deceased gentleman were interred yesterday  (Friday)
morning, at St. John’s Church, Keswick.