A desperate and fatal poaching affray took place at Lowthorpe,  near
Driffield, early on Thursday morning, on the estate of Mr. St.  QUINTIN.

 Five game watchers attacked a gang of eight poachers whilst the  latter were
setting their nets. The trespasser commenced throwing some heavy  stones at
the keepers, and the two parties soon came to close quarters. A  desperate
fight took place, the poachers with heavy cudgels belaboring every one  of their
opponents in a dreadful manner.

 GRAY, the head keeper, being dangerously wounded on the head, and as  he is
an old man, his recovery is doubtful. Several of the keepers were armed  with
revolvers, which they used with effect, one man, William TENBY, of  Driffield
being killed.

 The poachers over powered the keepers and escaped. Several of the  gang are
known to have shots in the legs, and according to the statement of the  
keepers, they were all severely hurt. The watcher’s clothes are covered with  blood,
and the gang threatened to murder them all.

 William TENBY, who was a powerful fellow, and known by the alias of  “
Callock Bill,” leaves a widow and eight children.