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The extensive alterations at the south junction of Moss Bay Works  are now
well in hand. The new road from the London and North Western System is  almost
completed, and the necessary signal box and apparatus have been put  up.

 Adjoining is a new bridge of the Cleator and Workington Company, who  are
bringing a new branch line to the seashore at this point, in order to get a  
better access to the Moss Bay Works, and also to Harrington Harbour. The  
abutments of the bridge are ready for the iron girders. An immense sea wall of  
concrete is being built to support the embankment for the railings and  sidings.

 Mr. COUSINS, of Whitehaven, has got the contract for the new viaduct  at
Stanley Street level crossing, and he will begin the work at once, Mr.  FALCON’s
garden now being staked out. Bricks are being deposited on the  ground.

 The London and North Western are also employed in widening their  lines near
to Derwent Works and Moss Bay and erecting new signaling apparatus.  The loop
line from the Cleator and Workington system to Workington Bridge is now  
nearly finished, and Messrs R. H. and H. HODGSON are preparing for a  commencement
of their contract for carrying the main line forward from  Workington
Dearham. New signal boxes are being erected at Workington Bridge and  Ladies Walk.