As will be seen by an advertisement in an adjoining column, the  wonderful
twin brothers, Messrs. WARDROPER, are to appear at Cockermouth on  Monday
evening next, Keswick on Tuesday, Whitehaven on Wednesday and Thursday  and
Workington on Friday and Saturday.

 Messrs. WARDROPER as mimics and impersonators of character are  unsurpassed
at the present day, each possessing an inexhaustible store of  
characterisation and drollery. Their wit is  excellent, their humour  telling without being
coarse, in fact, the whole performance is thoroughly  refined.

 The amazing rapidity of movement is shown in the marvelous changes of  
character has to be seen to be credited, while the ease and cleverness with  which
the several characters are sustained, show the versatile and extraordinary  
powers of the artistes. The whole of the provincial press has pronounced most  
strongly in favour of the entertainment and are unanimous in the opinion that
it  is the best entertainment of the kind at present before the public.

On Thursday evening, St. John’s Parish Room was crowded on the  occasion of
the first lecture of the winter season. The subject was “Egypt and  Nile,”
which had been chosen by special request, as of interest by the present  Nile

 The Rev. J. J. THORNLEY  presided, and was pleased to see so  many present
at their opening meeting. The committee had arranged to give a  series of
lectures, and the subjects would be as diversified as possible so as  to avoid
those that had been given before.

 The series of colored and other photographs were exhibited by means  of the
powerful oxy-hydrogen light apparatus, and thrown up the wall screen.  Some
improvements have been affected in the arrangements under Mr. DEIGHTON. The  
slides were shown by the assistance of Messrs. FLETCHER, MASON, and  VALENTINE.

 The lecture was of a most interesting nature, whilst the pictures  were all
that could possibly be desired. Music was given at intervals, Misses E.  
THOMPSON and B. THOMPSON and Messrs. BURROWS and SWINBURN giving vocal  solos.