On Monday afternoon last, Mr.  George LOWDEN, of the Yeathouse Hotel,
Frizington, head his annual sports in a  field near the hotel. The attendance was
very poor, and as a consequence the  competitions were curtailed.

    Substantial prizes were offered  but the number of competitors was very
small. Mr. W. IVINSON acted as umpire,  and Mr. G. LOWDEN as referee. We append
a return of the events disposed of:  -

Old Penny Pitching -

1. CORRIE, Frizington

2. T. BELLINGHAM, Frizington

3. and 4. divided, CORRIE and STYLES, Frizington.  Twenty-four entries.

Pole Leaping:

1. J. THWAITES, Keswick, 10ft 6in.

2. J. DEVLIN, Frizington,

3. R. JOHNSTONE, Cleator Moor, three  entries

Quoiting, 18 yards:

1. M. BYRNE, Frizington

2. Scott PARK, Frizington, nine entries.

Running High Leap:

1. R. JOHNSTONE, Cleator Moor

2. J. THWAITES, Keswick

3. Gavin TAIT, Kirkland, four entries

All-Weight Wrestling:

1. W. KENNEDY, Cleator Moor

2. W. BARWISE, Frizington

3. J. CULBERT, Frizington, nine entries.