At the Birmingham Police Court, on Wednesday, John LLOYD,  Albert EVANS, and
Ada EVANS, were remanded for a week on a charge of stealing a  portmanteau,
with £800 worth of jewellery, from a train on the London and  Northwestern
Railway, between Birmingham and Liverpool, on the 21st  February.

Detective BAKER said that a quantity of jewellery pledged by  the prisoners
had been discovered, and information had just been received that a  large
portion was at various pawnbrokers in London.

The woman has been identified by several pawnbrokers, and her  husband
remarked that she had “acted” under his instructions. Both men had  formerly been
employed upon the railway.

The jewellery belonged to Mr. CARTWRIGHT, jeweller, of  Hockley, and the
robbery is believed to have been committed at Monument Lane  Station, where the
money train was robbed a few weeks since.