Further explorations by Mr. ROBINSON and other in a field near the well  
known Roman Road at Maryport resulted in unearthing a Roman altar or monumental  
stone on Saturday.

It consists of an octagonal shaft springing from a fluted base; on the  upper
part of the shaft is the face of a woman, encircling which are four  fishes.

Its measurements are as follows: -

Height, four feet; circumference of base, 4 feet 10 inches; circumference  of
neck, 2 feet 10 inches; do. Of face, 2 feet 4 inches; length of serpent, 3  
feet 9 inches; length from the base of pedestal or shaft (octagonal) to top, 2  
feet 10 inches; base of shaft to neck, 1 foot 10 inches.