The annual business and last ordinary meeting of the session took place  on
Tuesday evening, in the National School Room, Silloth. The Rev. A. F.  
SHEPPARD, Holme Cultram, in the absence of the president, occupied the chair.  There
was a fair attendance. Amongst the company we noticed: -

Mr. IRVING, Silloth

Mr. R. GLAISTER, East Cote

Mr. J. HOLLIDAY, Causewayhead

Mrs. G. T. CARR, Silloth


The Misses CHAMBERS, Pelutho

Miss. SMITH, The Lees

The Misses TWEEDY, Marine Terrace

Mr. and Miss. CROWHALL, Marine Terrace &c.

The business commenced by the honorary secretary, Mr. LLOYD, reading the  
report of the last session, in which it was stated that the number of members  
and the attendance at the meetings had far exceeded the most sanguine  
expectations of its originators, and that it hoped the society would still  continue to
prosper and flourish.

The future consideration of the field meetings and summer excursions, as to  
their date and place, was left ultimately in the hands of the sub-committee of
 the ladies and gentlemen. The Rev. W. HORNE was authorized to send a letter
of  condolence to Mrs. J. Clifton WARD, expressing the sympathy of the society
with  her under the bereavement she has sustained by the loss of her late
lamented  husband.

Mr. STRONACH, the treasurer, then read the balance sheet, in which it was  
declared that a balance of nearly £10 was laid to the credit of the society. On  
the motion of Mr. J. HOLLIDAY, Causewayhead, a cordial vote of thanks to the  
Rev. A. F. SHEPPARD was unanimously passed  for presiding at the meeting,  
and after the Reverend gentleman has suitably replied the meeting separated