A Bill has just recently been introduced into the Legislature of the  State
of New York, has been read twice, and referred to the Game Law Committee,  who
have reported favorably thereon.

The new Act is in fact an amendment of a section in the original Game Act  
which was passed some years ago for the “preservation of moose, wild deer,  
birds, fish and other game.” By the new Act, which is to take effect  immediately,
any “owner or lessee of lands desiring to lay out or devote the  same for the
purposes of a private park or grounds for propagating or protecting  fish,
birds or game, shall publish at least once a week for three mont5hs, in a  paper
of general circulation printed in the county or counties within such lands  
are situated, a notice describing the same, and that they will be used for such
 purposes; and it shall be the duty of such owner or lessee, within six
months  after the final publication of said notice, to post or put up notices or
sign  boards warning all persons against trespassing upon said private grounds,
which  notices shall not be less than a foot square, and placed not more than
forty  rods apart, along the entire boundary of said ground; but when said
lands shall  be enclosed by fences not less than six feet high, then such notices
or sign  boards shall be placed not more than one half mile apart. Whenever
these  requirements shall have been complied with, all fish, birds and game
then or  thereafter within such boundary shall be and become private property.”

What will this rabid anti-game law individuals who recently have been  airing
their views on this side of the Atlantic say to this? One can almost  imagine
Messrs. BRIGHT and P. A. TAYLOR exclaiming “Et tu Brute!” should they  see
the announcement that New York, the chief State of that great Republic,  whose
laws relating to the game question have been set up as an example by the  
anti-game law school to feudal England.

-Land and Water.