A Dundee telegram says that the later details add considerably to the  loss
of life by the storm of Wednesday, two other boats being reported lost,  
bringing the total loss of life up to 19. Another telegram says that no hope is  now
entertained of the safety of the fishing boat Alexander Duthie of Aberdeen,  
which was out in the gale on Wednesday morning. Her crew of six men, all  
relatives, have undoubtedly perished.

The fishing boat Isabella, of Downies, is also missing, and her crew of six  
men are believed to be lost.

The Twilight, of Downies, has been capsized, and four of her crew  drowned.

The Clyde from Hamilton to Glasgow was in heavy flood yesterday. At the  
latter place the embankments have been burst, and a large extent of grass crop  
and winter wheat, as well ans cattle and  sheep, have been swept away, and  the
river’s course is in some places widened by half a mile. This is owing to  the
heavy rains which fell on Wednesday night. Some damage has been caused to  
the craft by the force of the current; the steamship Fitzjames, having broken  
loose from its moorings, was dashed against one of the Clyde ferry boats which  
it smashed.