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(Before Canon  HOSKINS and W. ALEXANDER, Esq.)

Joseph BELL, Kirkgate, was fined 10s for neglecting to send  two of his
children regularly to school; but on certain representations being  made to the
Bench, the penalty was remitted.


Henry STEEL, carter, Little Broughton, was fined 15s including costs,  for
ill treating a horse by working it while it was in an unfit state on the  18th


John ISMAY, a boy, was charged with cruelly beating a horse at Little  
Broughton, on the 18th ult. He lashed the animal when going up a brow, and also  
used the handle of the whip in a cruel way. Fines 15s, including costs.

In both cases, Inspector CRAIGIE, of the S. P. C. A. gave evidence.