(Before T. HORROCKS, Esq., Chairman, R.  S. FERGUSON, Esq., T. H. PARKER,
Esq., G. H. DIXON, Esq., and R. H. HORROCKS,  Esq.)


Thomas ARMSTRONG, of Rickergate, and William FORSTER, of Blackfriars  Street,
were charged with trespassing on land at Rickerby, belonging to Mr.  
MacINNES, on the 10th inst. - Mr. CLARKE prosecuted.

P. C. MARSHALL proved the charge. He noticed the defendants at the  
riverside, and saw them go to a field and “work” about some rabbit holes. He  went up
to them, and they said they were trying to get out a ferret they had  seen at
the holes. Subsequently the defendants went to the gamekeeper with Mr.  
MacINNES and asked them to let them off, and told them the ferret was at a  certain
part of the field. LITTLE, the gamekeeper, went down and got the  ferret.

Fined 5s and costs each.



John DAVIDSON, South Street, lately steward with Captain FARRER, Botcherby,  
was charged with stealing a large quantity of potatoes at various times
between  November 1879 and the 19th March last, the property of Captain FARRER of  

Mr. Superintendent SEMPILL prosecuted, and Mr. ERRINGTON represented the  
prisoner. The case has been several times before the court.

Jane LOWTHIAN, Greystone, said she was an out worker on Captain FARRER’s  
farm. During the end of last year she took  quantities from four to five  stones
to various persons in and around Botcherby. She guessed at the weight.  She
always got orders from the prisoner where to take the potatoes, and she  never
received money on delivering them. She had delivered quantities of  potatoes to
persons living at Botcherby up to the middle of last month.

Eight or nine witnesses gave evidence to the effect that they received  
potatoes from Jane LOWTHIAN, and that they paid the prisoner for them.

Mr. SEMPILL said there was also a charge against the prisoner for stealing  
several cartloads of hay and straw, and as the witness LOWTHIAN could give  
evidence on that charge, he asked the Bench if her examination would be taken  
that day or deferred?

Mr. ERRINGTON contended there was only the charge of stealing potatoes  
before the Court.

Mr. SEMPILL said the prisoner had been charged with stealing the hay and  
straw that morning. The Bench thought it would be advisable to finish the charge  
of the potatoes first.

Mr. G. H. DIXON, who took no part in deciding the case, said he was agent  
for Captain FARRER, and the prisoner was engaged to superintend the work at the  
farm at Botcherby. His instructions were to sell a cart load or two of
potatoes  in the market at Carlisle now and again, but there was no authority given
him to  sell potatoes anywhere else. The prisoner had not accounted for any
money  received from the witnesses who had stated they paid him for potatoes
received  by them.

Mr. ERRINGTON said the prisoner pleaded guilty, and he pointed out that the  
Bench had the power to deal with the case under the Summary Jurisdiction Act.
He  asked the Bench to take into consideration the fact that the prisoner had
been a  long time in the service of Mr. DIXON, and that up to that unfortunate
affair he  had borne a good character.

The Chairman announced that the Bench had decided to deal with the case. It  
was clear the prisoner was guilty of a breach of trust, and he would be sent
to  prison for four months, with hard labour.