Some correspondence between MR. WHALLEY and the editors of the "Liverpool
Mercury" appeared in that paper lately, relative to the TICHBORNE case.  The
correspondent includes the following letter from JEAN LUIE

City Prison, Holloway, December 12, 1843.

Dear Sir, - I have not heard from any one of you, and I fear that all are
inclined to believe me to be the scoundral LUNDGREN, as is mentioned by all
those monstrous witnesses.  This is a hard thing for me to bear, and you
know very well that if I can have no assistance given me to bring LUNDGREN's
relatives here, as well as JANES, and the two American ladies, and the two
men now in England, who knew both the Osprey and myself, ** well as a proper
and independent medical man to examine me respecting rupture, I must be in a
hopeless state.

But this I mean to tell you:  let the matter take what course it will, I
shall declare openly in court that anyone connected with the case, or
anybody else, has never used any influence on me, nor attempted such a
thing, to make me tell the fate and circumstances with SIR ROGER.

It is the truth, and nothing but the truth, and that it seems to me villainy
is practised all over the world against both ROGER and myself.  HARCOURT
asked me if I will defend myself.  What does he mean ?  I wrote you last
night a letter.  I wrote also to MR. WHALLEY.

Perhaps you have not received it.  What am I to do ?  I am shut out from the
world, and am starving.  I must go to the criminal side to-night, as I have
no means.  See what SIR ROGER says.

I am willing to undergo any medical operation to prove that I am not
ruptured, or I have any cause with me.


If I am rendered assistance, SIR ROGER and all of you are saved.