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AMONGST the Christmas sports MESSRS. COOK, the tourists, announce a wild
boar hunt in the Eifel Mountains.

A PARISIAN theatrical journal issues with each number the photograph of an
actor or actress, said to be of excellent quality and ordinarily worth a
shilling or eighteenpence.  The price of the newspaper and photograph is
twenty centimes.

MR. FRANCISQUE SARCET notices in connection with the death of REGINAH
BERNHARDT,  a talented young actress of the Odeon, the decline of religious
prejudice in Paris.  No one seemed to know whether the deceased was Jew or
Gentile, but she received Christian burial because she had received
Christian baptism "either unknown to her parents or through negligence."

SIR RICHARD WALLACE has just sent 15,000 francs to the Assistance Publique
in Paris, to be distributed amongst the various offices of charity.

THE DUKE D'AOSTA has arrived at San Remo for the winter season.  Three
houses have been taken for him and his suite.

THE EMPRESS ELIZABETH OF AUSTRIA is expected on a visit to Munich about the
end of January, when the confinement of her daughter, the PRINCESS GISELA,
is anticipated.

THE DUCHESS D'ISTRIA, sister of COUNT LAGRANGE, who died a few days ago, was
an adept in the art of entering a room effectively and taking a seat with
grace and dignity.  In addition to this power, she had been a celebrated
beauty under LOUIS PHILIPPE, attracting universal attention wherever she
went.  Her favourite attire for the evening was white satin.  With this she
wore on her classic head bands of red velvet, studded with diamonds.  When
decked out this way, she could look about confidently for the murmur of
admiration that generally greeted her.

A STATELY RESIDENCE, rich in every princely luxury as well as in
architectural beauty, constructed in the style of Versailles, is shortly to
rise on the banks of the romantic Chien Lake, in Bavaria.  KING LEWIS has
determined to realize what has been a secret wish of his for many years.
Several of the leading masters of architecture have been entrusted with the
preparation of the designs, from which the King will select the most

THE CITY OF BERLIN has definitely obtained the money required for purchasing
the English waterworks in the Prussian capital as a loan from the German
Empire.  The sum for which this loan is contracted amounts to 10,000
thalers.  It will be paid over at the new year direct to the English
shareholders, being appropriated from the German Government's deposits at
the Bank of England.

HENCEFORTH THE PREFECTS are to be attentive to their official costume, which
will resemble that worn under the ex-dynasty, less the buttons;  thus in
dress, as in laws, we are drifting into Imperialism.  The satraps are to
carry the sword;  during the late invasion the only Prefect who used that
weapon was DE LAFORGE, at St. Quentin, who had been only a simple journalit.