A satisfactory terminationof the TICHBORNE trial.

The defeat of the impudent attempt of Metropolitan monopolists to raise the
price of gas.

An efficient means of preventing unprotected females from being violated by
extortionate cabmen.

Less talk and more work in the Houses of Parliament.

Fewer railway accidents and more certain punishment for those who occasion

Cheaper coals and plenty of them.

Impartial dramatic criticisms in the daily papers.

Policemen who really can capture a murderer.

A definite Conservative policy.

Prime native mutton at fivepence per pound.

Cabs in which a person can ride comfortably.

Houses made to live in as well as to let.

The real abolition of fees to theatre attendants.

A comic paper that is really funny.

School Board elections without displays of sectarian feeling.

Better and cheaper homes for the labouring poor.

A statue of which London may be justly proud.

An ashphalte pavement on which horses do not slip in damp weather.

Telegraphic messages forwarded quicker than letters sent by post.

Mothers-in-law who do not make themselves nuisances.

A General Election.

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