Items of news by the mail are as follows: -

The N.W. Provinces Rent Bill and Revenue Bill have both passed the Supreme
Legislative Council.

At the meeting of the Bengal Social Science Association, SIR GEORGE CAMPBELL
was elected President for next year.

It is believed that Viceroy has decided in favour of the construction of a
dock in Bombay, at a cost of three-quarters of a million.

In parts of Bengal it is feared that the rice famine will be supplemented by
a water famine.

COLONEL NEMBHARD is to be Chief Commissioner of the Berars, and COLONEL
ALLARDYCE Judicial Commissioner.

The THAKORE of RAJCOTE and the heir presumptive of the JAM of NOWANUGGER,
accompanied by CAPTAIN LOWTHER NUTT and a large retinue, who have started on
a tour through India, are at present in Bombay.

The Bombay Chamber of Commerce have held a meeting to consider the effect of
protection on the piece goods trade.

It is rumoured at Madras that LORD HOBART and the other members of
Government have engaged houses in the hills for nine months of next year.

MAJOR DENNEHY, Deputy Inspector-General of Police, North-Western Provinces,
has been appointed political agent at Dholepore.

The MAHARAJAH SCINDIAH's marriage is fixed for the 13th of next month, and
will take place at Susara, near Gwalior.

Fever is still prevalent amongst the men of her Majesty's 36th Foot and
Royal Artillery at Mean Meer.  The whole of the first-named regiment has, in
consequence, been ordered under canvas.

The AMEER of CABUL is determined that the children of his Sirdars shall
learn Arabic and Persian.  With that view he has ordered a school to be