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GRAIN. - There was an average supply of wheat at our market this morning,
which realised fully last week's prices:  and there was also little change
either in the quantity or price of oats.  Barley, however, was a large
market, and prices declined fully 1s per bushel. Quotations:

Wheat, white, per Carlisle bushel 22s 0d to 28s 0d
Wheat, red,     "        "          "      20s 0d to 24s 0d
Barley,            "        "          "      13s 0d to 14s 6d
Oats, potato, per quarter..............32s 0d to 37s 0d
Oats, common............................26s 0d to 28s 0d

PROVISIONS. - Best flour, 2s 7d;  second best 2s 5d;  oatmeal, 2s 6d to 2s
8d;  ryemeal, 2s 8d;  barley meal, 1s 6d (per stone);  butter, 1s 7d and 1s
9d (per pound);  eggs, 9 and 16 for 1s;  beef, 9d to 10d;  mutton, 9d to
10d;  chickens, 1s 8d to 2s;  ducks, 3s to 4s 6d each;  geese, 8-1/2d and
11d per lb.;  turkeys (cocks) 8s to 10s;  (hens) 5s to 8s each.

POTATOES. - Potatoes sold to-day at from 6d to 8-1/2 d per stone.

PIGS. - Only a small show of pigs appeared in Sandgate this morning.  There
was not much demand, and prices remained unaltered.  Young pigs, 20s to 25s;
best, 28s to 32s.

PORK. - There was a small market of pork, and the rates previously quoted
did not meet with any material alterations, 7s 6d to 8s 2d per stone
ruling - though in one or two instances we believe 8s 4d was paid.


Butter, 1s 9-1/2d to 1s 10d per lb.;  Beef, 9-1/2d to 10d;  mutton, 8-1/2d
to 9d;  geese, 8d per lb.;  Eggs, 1d to 2d each;  Potatoes, 7d 8d.  Young
pigs, 20s to 24s.

APPLEBY, Saturday.
Wheat, white, per Appleby bushel, 17s 0d;  red, do., 15s 0d;  oats, potato,
per qr., 27s 0d;  common, do, 24s 6d;  barley, 14s.  Best flour, per stone,
2s 8d;  second, 2s 6d;  oatmeal, 2s 2d;  Butter, per lb. 20d to 21d;  Eggs,
7 for a shilling;  Beef, per lb., 8d to 10d;  mutton 9d to 10d;  veal,
9 -1/2d to 10d;  lamb, 10d to 11d;  pork, 10d to 11d;  ham, 11d;  bacon,
10d;  Potatoes, 6d per stone;  Pork, 7s 9d per stone;  Young pigs, 20s to
22s each;  Geese, 7-1/2d per lb.;  Ducks, 3s to 3s 3d;  hens, 1s 20d;
chickens, 2s to 2s 6d.


Smaller supply and good trade.  Beef, 8s to 11s;  pigs, 6s to 11s per stone
of 14 lbs.;  sheep, 8d to 10d per lb. sinking offal.  Numbers - fat cattle,
1,334;  sheep, 4,520.

SALFORD, Tuesday.
There was a good attendance of buyer, but the show of stock was small, and
consequently trade ruled brisk at an advance on the rates of last week.  A
better demand was also experienced for sheep, and fully 1/4 d per lb.
advance was obtained.  Slow trade in calves, but the reduction of last week
was fully recovered to-day.  Beef, 9-1/4d;  secondary, 8-1/4d to 9d;
ordinary, 7d to 8d;  mutton, 8d to 10-1/4d;  veal 9d to 10-1/2 d per lb.

We had a larger number of sheep than we had last week, but the quality was
not up to the average, several pens of ewes being in the market.  The demand
was, however, strong, and prices improved.  A large number of dealers
attended our market to-day from Preston,  Barrow-in-Furness,  Newcastle,
Manchester,  and  Barnard Castle, besides our local butchers.
    Prices of fat hogs from 47s to 56s;  ewes, 35s to 50s;  keeping sheep
made late rates, and sold well.  Our supply of cattle was quite up to the
average, both in numbers and quality, and excellent prices were made.  Prime
bullocks and heifers from £25 to £31.  Calvers from £18 to £27.  Geld cattle
from £10 to £16.  Young stirks from £5 to £10.  Veal sold well.  In rapidity
and firmness our market exceeded any late sale, and prices improved, the
sale being over at an early hour, and never flagging throughout;  the demand
being well sustained.  Prices:  Prime beef, 10s 6d to 11s 6d per stone.
Mutton, 8-1/2d to 9-1/2d per lb.
    Numbers:  912 sheep, 97 head of cattle, comprising 60 fat cattle, 2 fat
bulls, 32 calvers and geld, 3 calves.