With the "Herald" of to-day Jan. 3rd.
a Sheet Almanack for 1874, is Presented
to each subscriber, in accordance with our
usual custom.


KIRKBY STEPHEN CHURCH RESTORATION.  This noble edifice has undergone at
great outlay a thorough renovation, and the work having been completed, we
notice by an advertisement in our columns that the formal Re-dedication will
take place on Tuesday next, when the Bishop of the Diocese is to be present,
and will preach two sermons.

THE BROUGH, KIRKBY STEPHEN, and other brass bands, with several companies of
vocalists, have been making night harmonious by visiting the villages,
hamlets, and farm-houses in their respective localities, and performing
their selections of music and song.  These (for the time) strolling
musicians seem to be welcomed by all, and are liberally patronised.

last), the Dalemain Troop of the above regiment, met at the rifle butts for
ball practice.  Each member had fifteen rounds of ammunition served out to
him.  Sweepstakes - 200 yards:  1st, PRIVATE F. SMITH;  2nd, PRIVATE
ROBINSON, Barton;  300 yds. 1st, SERGT. HILTON;  2nd, PRIVATE F. SMITH;  400

BAMPTON.  Monday week, being the club day, the contributors received a bonus
of 4d. in the shilling on each card.  Messrs. ARNISON and Sons, of Penrith,
arrived at the vicarage with a well-selected supply of winter clothing,
blankets, etc.  The subscribers invested the full amount on their cards.
After business was over dinner was furnished in the kitchen, when all seemed
to enjoy the good cheer, and on their return felt satisfied, no doubt, that
frugality and economy are handmaids to domestic comfort.

ACCIDENT ON STAINMORE.  Yesterday (Friday) morning, an accident of a serious
nature occurred to a young man named THOMAS BOUSFIELD, of Kirkby Stephen,
who was engaged as a telegraph clerk on the South Durham Railway at the
Summit, Stainmore.  It appears that he had left his home as usual, and
having proceeded by a mineral or goods train to the Summit, was in the act
of jumping off the train which was still in motion, when by some means he
slipped and fell with his arm across the line, and the wheels passing over
it, it was so much crushed that amputation at the shoulder was necessary.
The operation was performed by Drs. SAYER and LELAND.

PATTERDALE:  ODDFELLOWSHIP.  The Loyal Helvellyn Lodge of Oddfellows, which
has been thirty four years in existence, held its yearly meeting in the
lodge room, on Saturday evening last, when a balance sheet of the receipts
and expenditure of the funds of the society was laid before the members,
from which it appears £82 14s. 7-1/2d. has been paid to its sick members
during the year;  and £12 for two funerals.  The officers also distributed
£9 11s. 6d. amongst the widows connected with the lodge on the same evening.
The above society at present consists of 85 members;  and the friends are in
a very prosperous state. 

Tannerside, Richmond, Yorkshire, has been appointed master of the above
school.  The Secretary of the Wesleyan Training College, Westminster, writes
as follows:  " Mr. THOMPSON was a pupil teacher in the Low Row School,
entered Westminster Training College as a first-class Queen's scholar, in
1872, and was placed in the First Division of the certificate list in the
Christmas of the same year.  He has completed his two years of study with
marked credit.  He holds a full drawing certificate and science certificates
in four subjects.  His attainments, teaching power, energy, and moral
character are excellent.  We recommend him as a specified teacher."

Cockfield, near Barnard Castle, was brought before the magistrates at
Penrith, on Monday last, charged with attempting to hang himself on the
previous Saturday evening.  About seven o'clock Constable SCOTT was on duty
in Burrowgate, and a woman informed him that a man had hung himself to the
wall of a privy.  On proceeding to the place he found the prisoner suspended
by the neck from a large nail or iron crook which projected about six inches
from the wall.
    The man was swinging to and fro, and clenching his hands as if in great
pain.  The constable at once severed the rope, and the man fell upon his
face.  With the assistance of the woman, SCOTT took him into an adjoining
house, and then proceeded to report the case at the Police Office.
    On returning he found that the man had left the house and was wandering
about the street, divested of his hat, coat, and waistcoat, cursing and
swearing, and creating a great disturbance.  The policemen were going
towards him, when some one in the crowd which had collected called out that
they must be very careful, as the man had a knife in his hand.
    Prisoner immediately thrust his hand into his pocket, and on being taken
into custody and searched at the Police Office a pocket knife was found in
his possession.
    The prisoner was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions on Tuesday.

CHRISTMAS RENT DAY AT BRAYTON HALL.  Saturday last being the half-yearly
rent day at Brayton, SIR WILFRID and LADY LAWSON provided an entertainment
for the tenants and their families.  After the usual dinner was over the
celebrated SIGNOR BOSCO performed many wonderful conjuring tricks.  The way
in which he took out of hats, borrowed from gentlemen in the room, dozens of
tin-cans, feathers enough to fill a bed, cannon balls, &c., astonished the
rustic owners of the "bell toppers" in no small degree;  and the way in
which he produced large numbers of fresh eggs from an apparently empty bag
made many present wonder why eggs should be so scarce and dear, as there
seemed no difficulty in producing any quantity, provided you knew how.
    Several of the card tricks were wonderful, and the way in which the
conjurer changed money, held by two gentlemen without their knowledge, not
only astonished the audience but also the gentlemen who were operated upon;
also the wonderful way in which some coins placed in a tumbler glass told
young ladies fortunes (much to their satisfaction), and also answered
difficult questions, called forth loud expressions of approval.
    After the performance concluded, the whole company adjourned to the
drawing-room, to partake of the "cup that cheers but not inebriates."
    SIR WILFRID and LADY LAWSON assisted in dispensing the good things
provided.  The rapid disappearance of the delicacies made some think there
must be more than one conjurer in the company.  After full justice had been
done to the repast the company separated, fully appreciating the kindness of
the worthy baronet and his lady in getting up such a pleasant afternoon's