Declaration of the Courts of Russia and Great Britain, to the Neurtral Powers, prohibiting their further intercourse with France.
The Russian Charge d-Affaires, M. NORTHBEK, has delivered a note to the Chancellor of this kingdom, to the following effect:
That the EMPRESS OF RUSSIA having thought fit to send a fleet of 25 sail of the line, and a proportionable number of frigates, to cruize in the East and North Sea, in conjunction with and in aid of the naval power of Great Britain, in order to prohibit the conveyance of every kind of provision and ammunition to France;  she further requests of the KING OF SWEDEN, that he will not suffer his convoying ships to take any Swedish vessels under their protection, laden with the like articles.
The EMPRESS, he also stated, had likewise commanded her fleet to inspect all the vessels they shall meet in those seas, for the purpose of preventing such prohibited traffic, solely for this reason, " because neutrality cannot be observed towards a government which is in the hands of Rebels."
A declaration to the same purpose has been transmitted by the Russian minister to the Danish Court, whose example has been followed by a similar paper, from the British ministers to both those Courts.