STOPPAGE OF THE ISLE OF MAN JOINT STOCK BANK. -- It is our painful duty to announce that the following notice was yesterday posted on the door of the joint stock bank, on the North-quay, in this town: -- "The bank have suspended payment for the present."  We have long contemplated the probability of such an event; but its suddenness has somewhat startled us.  The public, however, must not act upon an ill-advised plan.  There is little doubt that all claimants will be eventually paid in full, and every one should avoid making any unnecessary sacrifice, or adding to unavoidable misfortune by useless precipitance.  As all the proprietors of the bank will be answerable for its obligations to the full amount of their real and personal property, there need be no fear of any ultimate loss.  The great hardship will fall on the holders of notes to small amounts who can ill bear to wait for their money; but the circulation of the bank is said to be not great, and we hope arrangements will be speedily made for paying such holders in full.  We understand that a meeting of the shareholders will take place on Tuesday next. -- Mona's Herald of Tuesday. -- We have heard it stated that the liabilities of the bank amount to about £30,000, and that a general gloom has been cast upon the inhabitants, many of the shareholders, of whom there are a large number, being persons only in moderate circumstances.  Such a shock as has been experienced by the unexpected stoppage of this bank has not been experienced in the island within the memory of the oldest inhabitants. -- Liverpool Mercury, August 18.