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Since the sudden disappearance of Mr. Ralph William SPEARMAN, (who held the valuable appointment of secretary to the master of the horse in the household of her Majesty), in the latter end of lat January, from his residence in the Queen’s Mews, Pimlico, the most searching investigation has been going on into the accounts of the absent secretary, by an eminent accountant, the result of which examination shows a deficiency of £8,000.
The whole of Mr. SPEARMAN’s defalcations will have to be made good by the Earl of Albemarle, the late master of the horse, and by the Earl of Jersey, who succeeded Lord ALBEMARLE, upon his lordship’s resignation on the 4th of September, 1841, after the amount of the deficiency, which occurred during the respective periods of these two noble lords holding the appointment in the royal household, shall have been ascertained.
No tidings of Mr. SPEARMAN have been heard by his friends since his sudden disappearance in January last. He was, however, met by a gentleman in the Palais Royal a short time since, and then he appeared in his usual health and spirits. Mr. SPEARMAN (who formerly held a commission in the army, and is now on half pay) held the appointment in the Queen’s household at a salary of £700 a year for nearly 14 years.
The new secretary to the master of the horse, in the room of Mr. SPEARMAN, is Mr. LEWIS, who was clerk to the stables in the establishment of her Majesty the Queen Dowager.
It may be mentioned that suspicions of the Earl of Jersey, as to the correctness of his secretary’s accounts, were first created in consequence of Mr. SPEARMAN’s name having been alluded to in connection with a gambling house transaction in a police report in the public papers about the month of October last.